My skin feels oilier than normal

If you’re experiencing an increase in oil (sebum) this may be simply because your skin is adjusting to your new treatment.

There are also other potential reasons which may cause your skin to be oilier than usual such as:

  1. Excess oil production maybe caused by over-cleansing the skin, which can potentially strip the skin of natural sebum, and therefore lead the skin to produce excess oil to compensate for this
  2. Side effects of retinoids may cause the skin to overproduce oil to compensate for any dryness or peeling
  3. Not moisturising enough - those will oily skin often skip moisturiser however it’s still really important to keep skin well hydrated even if it’s oily. Lack of moisturising again can lead to the skin to overproduce oil.

Software treatments can help to regulate oil production in the skin over time so this is often temporary and will improve over time.