When can I expect to see my acne fade?

Acne is a chronic condition and many factors can influence the formation of pimples. While there is no quick fix for acne, being consistent with treatment will help you to see results sooner.

Skin needs time for changes to happen because skin cells undergo a constant cycle - commonly referred to as ‘skin cell turnover’. New skin cells will move up to the surface to replace old skin cells. This process takes around 40-50 days to complete.

Some acne treatments such as topical retinoids can speed up this process, alongside reducing oil production which help to fade acne over time. A few skin cycles may be needed to completely clear acne.

That being said, it can take between 8-12 weeks for most patients to start to see improvements in their skin, so patience is key. But you shouldn’t be disheartened if your skin is taking a little longer to adapt & change, results can vary from person to person.

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