How do I cancel/unsubscribe/pause my account?

If you're considering cancelling your treatment due to a lack of visible results or side effects, please read the below sections before doing so:

If you find your treatment isn’t giving you the results you’d like

As much as we all want flawless skin as soon as possible, good skin and results takes time! In fact, most people only notice improvements after weeks 12-16 of regular use.

However, if at any time you are concerned about your progress, you can always get back in touch with your practitioner to discuss your ongoing treatment.

This is because they are the experts and can assess your skin again and advise you further.

Under the Treatment section in your Account, select 'Connect to a Practitioner'. Please then select the reason and fill in the short review survey. It will then be sent directly to your practitioner who will be in contact with you soon after.

If you’re having side effects

Side effects are quite normal when your skin is adjusting to your Software formula. This is because the active ingredients and potent and are working on changing your skin. Your order will have an information booklet that contains all the possible side effects that your specific treatment may cause.

Please do not worry, as your practitioner is always available to help you manage side effects. If you at all concerned with any side effects, you can book yourself in for a review with your practitioner via your Account. Under the Treatment section, select 'View Details' and then 'Connect to a Practitioner'.

Important Note: If you are currently in a review or if you have an order that is processing, you will be unable to cancel your subscription on your own. If you’d like to cancel at this point then please submit a request through the link in the top right hand corner and our team will be in touch shortly after that.  

To cancel your Software treatment plan, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Log in to your Software Account,
  2. Click View Treatment Plan
  3. Click on FAQs
  4. Click click here to cancel
  5. Select your reason for cancelling

If you cannot see the option to cancel your treatment, please message us here and our team will action this cancellation for you.