How do I purchase/confirm my treatment/prescription?

Follow the below instructions to purchase your treatment plan.

  1. Login to your Software Account
  2. Select View treatment plan under your consultation.
  3. Read all of the information provided by your practitioner. At the bottom of the page there will be a section where you can ask your practitioner questions. Select Continue to payment to proceed. Please note, if you ask your practitioner further questions, this will reopen your consultation. You will not be able purchase your treatment plan until your practitioner has replied and completed your consultation.
  4. The next page is Safety information from our partner pharmacy, please read through all of this information carefully. If you have any questions for the pharmacy, you can ask these in this section. Once you are ready to proceed, ensure you have confirm the two statement by ticking both boxes and clicking Continue to shipping
  5. Enter your full name, address you want your order shipped to and your phone number. Enter your payment details and any discount code you would like to use (please note you can only use one discount code per order). Select Confirm $ payment.
  6. Your order is now being processed.