Is Software recyclable?

We are working to become a more environmentally sustainable business everyday. We have chosen to use 100% recyclable packaging so that your empty Software products can be converted into raw materials to create new consumer items.


Recycling process

After you have emptied your Software products of all of its product you can easily recycle the packaging either at-home or via TerraCycle’s in-store recycling program.

Disclaimer:* We try our best to provide accurate guidelines on recycling, however please remember to look into your council’s recycling program as well.*


Cardboard or Paper

Any cardboard boxes or paper from your Software packaging can be placed in your yellow-lid recycling bins at home to be collected by your local council recycling program.


Product Containers

This part is a bit trickier - some bottles can be recycled at home, others will need to go through TerraCycle to ensure they are correctly processed. Once rinsed and dried, our plastic and glass containers can be placed in your local recycling bin, but smaller parts like our pumps and droppers cannot. Instead, you can recycle the smaller parts through TerraCycle by dropping these off to your local Priceline, Mecca or L’Occitane store in Australia. They will accept these items and recycle it for free!


✨ Bonus tip: Save the Software box that your order was shipped in and collect all your empties inside. Drop it off in-store at a TerraCycle program once full.