Can Software treat multiple skin concerns?

What if I have acne and wrinkles, can Software treat both at the same time?

Acne and wrinkles are a common combination of skin concerns. Our practitioners are able to assess your skin and prescribe active ingredients that can treat both of these concerns simultaneously.

Please be sure to let your practitioner know in your consultation that you are concerned about both so they can recommend an appropriate formula for you.

What if I have acne and hyperpigmentation, can Software treat both at the same time?

Often acne can lead to hyperpigmentation, or dark marks on the skin left behind from inflammation (also known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

It’s important to treat active acne first, before tackling hyperpigmentation, as this will otherwise continue to occur until the cause is treated.

Software ingredients can help with treating multiple skin concerns at the same time and your practitioner will be able to help you find a formula to help you reach your skin goals.

Do you treat scarring?

Software’s treatments can help to address many skin concerns including pigmentation, breakouts, melasma and fine lines.

Hyperpigmentation or mild superficial acne scarring may be treatable with certain Software ingredients, however more extensive scarring, or indented scarring may require more specialist input. In these cases, we recommend you to see a dermatologist for a face to face assessment to discuss the most appropriate suitable option for you as some treatments may need to be carried out in-person.